USA Tax Lawyers

Tax attorneys specialize in tax laws. A tax attorney understands the ever changing tax laws and rules. Tax lawyers can assist you file your income tax returns. Not filing your tax returns in time is an offense. If you have missed filing your tax returns, consult with an experienced tax lawyer.

Tax attorneys know there is a difference between tax evasion and tax planning. Tax planning is perfectly legally. Tax planning basically uses the provisions of law to lower your tax liability. Seek the assistance of an experienced tax attorney if you want to lower your tax liability through tax planning. Tax planning requires deep knowledge of the tax laws. Attempting to do it without the assistance of a tax attorney can result in trouble. Your do it yourself tax planning can result in tax evasion. A tax attorney will ensure that your tax planning strategies are within the framework of law and legal.

Most of us are scared of an IRS audit. If you are being audited by the IRS, tax lawyers are your best source of help. An experienced tax lawyer can represent you in the audit. The lawyer can talk to the IRS official and convince the IRS official that your filings are accurate. Having a experienced tax lawyer represent you in a tax audit can make a great difference in the outcome of the audit.

If you are having a tax debt, you should immediately seek the services of tax attorneys. An experienced tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS for an amnesty. The amnesty program is designed for taxpayers of all types to encourage people to file and to pay their back taxes.

Tax lawyers can also negotiate with the IRS for a settlement of your tax debts. An experienced tax lawyer can make an offer in compromise to the IRS on your behalf. The lawyer will convince the IRS that your offer must be accepted. Once your offer is accepted, you can pay off the tax debt over a period of time.