Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

Car accidents have been common enough that we see one reported on the news daily. Car accidents refer to any misfortune or mishap wherein injuries or death of the passengers are a result of a car crash or collision. Researchers say that most of these cases of car accidents can be attributed to human error. A large percentage of the reasons why car accidents occur are due to a misconduct or misbehaviour of the one behind the wheels.


Human Error

There are certain behaviors of drivers that are seen as negligent. These reckless behaviors often lead to a car accident.

  • Most of the people involved in a car accident do not have proper knowledge and training regarding driving. Insufficient      education and training regarding traffic rules and regulations is one main      root of car accidents.
  • Some people resort to aggressive driving. This means that they tailgate, they switch lanes far too often or      they flash their lights to other cars.
  • Car accidents also involve drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A driver who is over fatigued cannot function properly. Not being able to keep eyes open and not being      as focused to the other cars around them, the driver often lose control of      the vehicle resulting with a possibly fatal car accident.
  • Traffic rules and regulations are neglected and ignored. For example, drivers who did not wear their seatbelt      and unfortunately suffer from a car accident may put his life in more      danger because of not wearing the safety belt. Other examples are driving beyond the speed limit and beating the red light. 

Mechanical Equipment Failure

Some car accidents can be attributed to the malfunctioning of a part/s of a car.

  • Inefficient brakes can definitely lead to a car accident.
  • The car tires should be able to withstand whatever the road conditions are. Slipping along the roads and      loss of control are often reported in car accidents. 

Other Factors

Aside from human error and equipment failure, there are other causes of a car accident.

  • Weather conditions may also be cause of car accidents. There may be situations that it is rainy and the      roads are too slippery while there may be times that there is too much fog      and hinders the visibility of the road.
  • Another reason for car accidents would be road conditions. Regular maintenance of the roads must be      observed. Faded road signs should be replaced and any debris on the road      must be cleared.
  • Road constructions are also pointed out as a reason for car accidents. Not enough signs that show that there      are on-going constructions are also other examples.

Experts say that these collisions could have been avoided and fatalities and injured could have been reduced. It is important to point out that the majority of these car accidents happen due to driving behaviors.