Preventing Animal Attacks

Whether you love the wild and its faunas or you just simply adore the cuteness and uniqueness of animals, there may be times when you may be in danger of possible animal attacks. These may cause certain injuries or may even bring death. With this in mind, it would be better to arm yourself with some knowledge on how to prevent animal attacks before they even happen.

  • Read more about the animals that you will be meeting, observing, or visiting.

If you will be visiting the wild or going to an animal haven like a zoo, always read about the animals that you will be meeting in there. This will help you avoid things or actions that may agitate the animals and cause them to attack you.

  • Always keep your distance especially those animals that you just met.

No matter how much you feel like hugging the huge and cuddly bear you saw in the zoo, you must restrain yourself and keep your distance. Some animals are very territorial that they do not really like being too close to humans. Keeping your distance will allow you to keep yourself away from harm as well as also allow the animal to see that you are respecting their territories.

  • Do not panic.

In cases, when an animal approaches you, it would be better to stay calm first and do not panic or run. Panicking and running will just activate the prey and predator system of animals instead of just getting to know. Sometimes, animals approach you so they may get to know you more or be familiar to you. If you panic, they will feel it and this may just agitate them.

  • Ask for the assistance of experts or guides.

If you are unsure about a place that you are going or the animals living there, it would be safe to hire an expert or guide. This person will help you know many things about the animals there and the things that you should not do to agitate or annoy them.