Obama Immigration Reform – Goals and Hurdles

U.S President Obama passed a legislation to have a reform in the immigration system of the United States. Unfortunately, the bill is not that easy to pass because of several hurdles.

Obama wanted to reform the current immigration system to increase the spending on border security. This in turns allows the immigrants (undocumented ones) to pursue citizenship after passing some requirements. Here are some of those mentioned by Obama:

  • Pass background checks
  • Learn English
  • Pay taxes and penalty
  • Go back to the line of coming to America legally

Why can’t the immigration reform be passed?

Though President Obama has many reasons on why do he wanted to have a reform in the immigration system, other people see it negatively and doubted the outcomes of such reform if ever. This keeps the immigration reform remains a bill and not a Law. There are three major hurdles President Obama is currently facing:

  • Citizenship

U.S illegal immigrants will have to be legalized. Thus, they would be granted citizenship if this bill becomes a law. The white house officials and congressional democrats never opposed to this reform since this will just give the undocumented illegal immigrants the right to have a citizenship with a due process and at a reasonable time. However, the republicans do not see it this way. 

  • Guest-workers

If illegal immigrants were given the chance to be a U.S. citizen, the possibility of the Americans to be unemployed will increase. Thus, the fear of the Americans to lose job opportunities prevents them from wanting to pass this into a Law.

  • House Republicans

House Republicans opposed to other immigration reform bill way back years ago. Thus, this year’s immigration reform bill is subject to a higher risk not to be passed because the republicans have a greater percentage of the overall results if a bill should be passed into a law or not.

Currently, there are almost 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. And making this bill a law may cost greater expense to the American government but will surely be a great way to help and give a chance to those who really needs it.