Medical Malpractice Actions

Medical malpractice actions happen more than two hundred thousand times per year and that number grows by leaps and bounds each New Year that passes by. If a doctor acts in a negligent manner when trying to help a patient it can be medical malpractice if a doctor does not take appropriate medical action then this also can constitute as medical malpractice. Basic medical malpractice such as:

  • If a medical provider fails to provide the correct treatment for a medical condition.
  • Extended delay in treating a patient with a medically diagnosed condition.
  • To misdiagnosis a medical condition or a disease that has deadly or debilitating consequences.

Many medical malpractice lawyers are very cautious about the cases that they accept as the cost associated with these cases are abnormally larger than any other type of court case. Doctors are bound by their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm but this oath does not make mention to not make mistakes. Here are few types of medical malpractice such as:

  • Medical malpractice lawyers will take on this type of case on a contingency basis. Elective cosmetic surgery cases fail 95% of the time. There are some instances that these cases are settled but juries are just not moved or sympathetic to these malpractice plights.
  • Prescription drug errors are one of the most common malpractice suits that are filed every year. When a doctor prescribes medications that can be deadly if taken together this is the very definition of a viable medical malpractice. Many medical malpractice lawyers will take this type of case on a contingency basis.
  • Surgical errors and medical misdiagnosis are another viable case for medical malpractice lawyers. We have all heard the horror stories of people going into the hospital for one surgery and they get another such as an amputation of the left leg but a mistake is made and the right leg is severed instead of the left leg. Or such stories of medical sponges being sewn into a patient’s stomach and so on.
  • Birth Injuries are also a viable medical malpractice suit that medical malpractice lawyers are able to take on a contingent basis as long as the case has merit.

If you have a case that you think is a viable medical malpractice case you should contact your local medical malpractice lawyers and show them the merits of taking your case on a contingency basis.