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Coming to the USA is Still a Priority for Many Immigrants

With the United States being the cultural melting pot that it is, immigrants are coming into the country In droves for a piece of the American Pie. Although the United States immigration Policy has changed due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist events, making it more difficult for people to emigrate to the United States, when compared to previous years, immigration is still a top priority for immigrants.

Immigration lawyers have seen a record number of applications for immigration benefits jump since president Obama signed the youth enforcement deferment act. So does an interviewed Marietta immigration lawyer who practices immigration and deportation defense in Georgia.

Although what spurs emigration from ones country to the United States is debatable, generally, the consensus is that the United States is a land of opportunity, and a nation of immigrants where one can make it with hard work and focus.

Even after the September 11 events that made immigration to the US tougher than it used to be, a look at the immigration offices in most major US cities still clearly shows an overwhelming evidence of activity unmatched in recent years.

This trend is expected to continue as people will always seek greener pastures.

Hiring an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Atlanta citizenship attorney If you are a US citizen or permanent resident you can bring your family members who are foreign nationals to the United States. You should try consulting with an experienced immigration attorney if you want to bring your foreign family members to the United States. Your foreign family member can visit the United States and stay with you on a visitor visa. However a visitor visa will not allow the foreign family member to work in the US. Also the family member will have to leave the US once the visa expires. He or she can stay in theUS only till the validity of the visa. Your foreign family member must make an application for a visitor visa to the US Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over his or her place of residence abroad. The application for a visitor visa must be accompanied by certain documents which can vary from country to country and will depend on many factors including your relationship with that family member. One of the requirements for a visitor visa is that the applicant must demonstrate that he or she has enough funds to pay of the proposed stay in the US. If your family member cannot demonstrate sufficient funds from his or her own sources, you can provide a letter of support along with evidences of your finances. A good US immigration attorney can advise you on the requirements for a visitor visa for your foreign family member. US citizens and permanent residents can bring their alien family member to live permanently with them in the United States. The US citizen or permanent resident must sponsor the immigrant visa petition. Your status – US citizen or permanent resident will determine the family members you can sponsor. A US citizen can sponsor his or her spouse, children of any age, parents, brothers and sisters. A permanent resident can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children. Call an immigration attorney. The attorney can review your case and advise you on your eligibility to sponsor your family member. The US citizen or permanent resident completes the immigrant visa petition on behalf of the foreign family member and files the petition with the USCIS along with proof of eligibility to sponsor the petition – evidence of US citizenship or permanent status and also proof of the petitioner’s relationship with the beneficiary of the petition – the foreign family member. Proof of relationship will vary. For example if the petitioner and the beneficiary are brothers, then the birth certificates of the petitioner and the beneficiary indicating a common parent will suffice. If the beneficiary is the spouse of the petitioner, then marriage certificate will be considered as proof of the relationship. Once the petition is approved, the foreign family member will receive an immigrant visa. There are different kinds of immigrant visa for family members and family members. Some of them have a waiting period and the family member may have to wait for some time before actually getting a visa.   Not all foreign family members qualify for a family based immigrant visa. Call an experienced US immigration attorney to know your options if your family member does not qualify for a family based immigrant visa. Atlanta immigration law firm

Atlanta Deportation Lawyer – Ned Ogueri, Discusses Removal

Under the U.S.immigration laws, deportation is the harshest punishment. As a non-U.S. citizen living in theUnited States, you can be deported for even a minor infraction. Deportation laws are complex. The Marietta – Atlanta GA Deportation lawyer at  Zeribe Law Offices, help non-U.S. citizens fight deportation. If you are facing deportation, an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer can represent you before the USCIS or the immigration court and help you fight the deportation.

Consult with an experienced deportation attorney, such as the Atlanta deportation lawyer, Ned Ogueri at Zeribe Law Offices if you are facing deportation. When you are facing deportation, you are likely to be tense and you may not be in a proper frame of mind to understand the complex structure ofU.S.immigration laws. This is where deportation attorneys can assist you. U.S.immigration laws provide for relief against deportation or removal from the U.S. An experienced U.S. immigration attorney can review your circumstances and advice you on your options.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen, you can be deported if you have been convicted for a crime. While deportation attorneys cannot help you fight the criminal charges, they can help you fight deportation. Even conviction for a minor criminal offense can result in deportation proceedings. An experienced deportation attorney can help you challenge the deportation proceedings and seek a cancellation of deportation. Certain categories of non-U.S. citizens facing deportation are eligible to apply for cancellation of deportation. An experienced Marietta – Atlanta deportation attorney can determine your eligibility for seeking cancellation of removal.


In some cases, you may not be eligible for seeking cancellation of deportation but you may be eligible for waiver under Section 212 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. If you qualify for a waiver under Section 212 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act, an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer can apply for a waiver on your behalf and follow up on the application with the USCIS. Dealing with the USCIS requires skill and expertise. It is best left to the experts – deportation lawyers.

Generally when you are deported, you may not be allowed to reenter theUnited   States. So if you want to reenter the United States, you must ensure that you are not deported. If deportation is inevitable, consult with an experienced Atlanta deportation attorney. Atlanta GA Deportation attorneys can help you seek a voluntary departure to avoid deportation. In a voluntary departure, you agree to leave the United States on your own. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from being deported.

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