Factors that Determine Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries happen when a person slips and falls, and comes to harm as a direct result of the incident. Injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents may be minor or major, and temporary or permanent. There are a number of factors that determine the type of injury caused by a slip and fall incident:


Existing physical condition of the person

If the person has an existing injury, it may or may not contribute to the severity of the injuries suffered as a result of the incident. From the other end, damages suffered from a slip and fall incident may prove fatal given the existing injuries of the person.


Direct cause of the slip and fall accident

A lot of factors may contribute to slip and fall mishaps: personal health factors, uneven surface elevations, insufficient floor safety, and numerous environmental factors such as heat, rain, and thunder.


In the absence of other determining factors, injuries from slip and falls caused by uneven surface elevations are often minor, such as bruises and scrapes, whereas injuries from slip and falls caused by personal health factors may be more severe or permanent.


Origin of the fall

Injuries from a slip and fall at home may be reduced greatly by the reflexive reaction of gripping at tables or towel bars, whereas a slip and fall at the construction site, where there are more open spaces than closed ones, can cause permanent injuries such as broken bones or spinal injuries.


The height from which the fall started

This would probably be the major determining factor of a slip and fall injury since it contributes to the impact during landing. The taller the height, the more severe the slip and fall injuries would be.


Falling at 45 feet above landing site would probably cause trauma to the internal organs, whereas slip and falls from 30 feet or less would probably cause severe muscle injuries, broken bones, and major cuts.


Physical factors present along, and at the landing site

These are factors that indirectly contribute to the injuries suffered during a slip and fall incident; a table edge hitting the elbow before the person falls to the floor, a protruding metal rod hitting the temple just before landing on the pavement, or the presence of glass shard on the landing site are just examples. More often than not, these physical factors lead to severe or permanent injuries.