Employment Law

Employment laws are complex. If you are an employer, you will require the services of an experienced employment lawyer. Employment lawyers will ensure that your business is in compliance with federal and state employment laws.

As an employer, whenever there is a vacancy in your organization, you will generally advertise the vacancy in newspapers. However there are restrictions on such advertisements. Employment attorneys are aware of these restrictions. Before you put out an advertisement for a job opening in your organization, you should have an employment attorney review the contents of the advertisements. Your advertisement should not discriminate against applicants based on a characteristic protected by law.

There are restrictions on the questions you can ask a job applicant during an interview. Most employers are unaware of these restriction but employment attorneys can advise you on these restrictions. Consult with an experienced employment attorney if you are unaware of these restrictions. You cannot ask anything that discriminates against applicants based on a characteristic protected by law.

As an employer, you must be have knowledge of Americans With Disabilities Act. This Act deals with the rights of disabled workers. Consult with an employment lawyer if you have any disabled workers. Employment lawyers are aware of the reasonable accommodations that employers must provide disabled workers under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

If you intend to have an employment contract with your employees, you must consult with an experienced employment attorney. Employment attorneys can help you draft employment contracts and ensure that your rights as the employer are protected under the terms of the employment contract. In the absence of an employment contract, employment is at will. However before you make any verbal or written promise to a prospective employee, you should always consult with an experienced employment attorney. A promise can change the nature of employment from an at will employment to an employment governed by a contract.

Although you are not required to have an employee handbook, you should seriously consider having one. Consult with an experienced employment attorney. Having an employee handbook will save time, headaches, and possibly legal fees in the long run. Employment attorneys can also help you draft an employee handbook in addition to the other services they provide.