Defining Inadequate Security

Inadequate security is an issue that has led to lawsuits in different parts of the world. Inadequate security is synonymous to negligent security.  Inadequate security is a phrase that seems simple but it is actually covered by much legality and complications.

To understand fully what inadequate security means, it is better to break it down to its basic components: security and inadequacy.

Security roughly means protection against harm, damages, invasion and prevention of such future occurrences. Inadequate refers to insufficiency, deficiency and shortage.

Putting the two together, inadequate security in simple terms refers to the insufficient protection against unlawful acts that harm people or property.

In the practice of law, inadequate security is grouped with negligence. Inadequate security falls under the premise of liability law. Inadequate security means that property owners (i.e. residential housing, resorts, hotels, motels, apartments) and business operators (i.e. malls, retail stores, restaurants) fail to fulfil their legal duty of making sure that the property that is used by the public is safe and secure.

Businesses are required to have basic and reasonable protection measures not just for their products and personnel but for their customers too. Having security guards, alarms, additional locks and cameras for instance, are examples measures to prevent future crimes and breach of security.

Inadequate security is a breach of duty, which is why it is associated with negligence and liability. Although business owners may not be liable for the crime that takes place in their property in general, if it is proven that they did not comply with laws on security measures, they can be sued for inadequate security and negligence.

Inadequate security is a matter that has to be taken very seriously because it involves so many lives, livelihood and hard-earned properties. The gravity of mishaps, accidents and crimes due to inadequate security are further highlighted in the local and foreign news because inadequate security is something that concerns everybody, everywhere. Sanctions for inadequate security cases vary from state to state, country to country. Failure to address issues of proven inadequate security would be an injustice and disservice.

Knowledge of what inadequate security helps business owners stay within the boundaries of the law and the workers and consumers to understand better their rights to security and protection. Also knowing what inadequate security stands for helps the public understand and espouse their personal safety when they are outside the comforts of their own homes.