Coming to the USA is Still a Priority for Many Immigrants

With the United States being the cultural melting pot that it is, immigrants are coming into the country In droves for a piece of the American Pie. Although the United States immigration Policy has changed due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist events, making it more difficult for people to emigrate to the United States, when compared to previous years, immigration is still a top priority for immigrants.

Immigration lawyers have seen a record number of applications for immigration benefits jump since president Obama signed the youth enforcement deferment act. So does an interviewed Marietta immigration lawyer who practices immigration and deportation defense in Georgia.

Although what spurs emigration from ones country to the United States is debatable, generally, the consensus is that the United States is a land of opportunity, and a nation of immigrants where one can make it with hard work and focus.

Even after the September 11 events that made immigration to the US tougher than it used to be, a look at the immigration offices in most major US cities still clearly shows an overwhelming evidence of activity unmatched in recent years.

This trend is expected to continue as people will always seek greener pastures.