Brain Injury Types


All brain injuries are head injuries but not all head injuries are necessarily a brain injury. An injury is categorized as a brain injury if the affected area or areas on the head are parts of the brain or the brain as a whole. A brain injury can be traumatic or acquired. A direct blow to the head or any other motion or external forces cause a traumatic brain injury. On the other hand, an acquired brain injury is caused by medical complications, diseases or other circumstances not classified as a violent force.

The two main types of brain injury can be further subdivided. Specific types of brain injuries are identified depending on their cause, affected area, severity, and required treatment.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury 

  • Concussion is the most common type      of traumatic brain injury that can be caused by violent shaking of the      head, a direct blow, or any sudden impact on the head. Suffering from a      concussion, a person may experience a brief loss of consciousness. This      can be fatal if a blood clot formed in the brain. It usually takes years      for a concussion to completely heal.
  • Contusions are swollen areas in the      brain and are also called cerebral contusions. A direct impact on the head      can cause this type of brain injury and can range from mild to severe,      requiring surgery for treatment.
  • Penetration is an open-wound brain      injury caused when the hard outer lining of the brain is penetrated upon      either pierced by sharp objects or by fragments of the skull forced into      the brain due to a violent impact. This needs immediate care from medical      professionals.
  • Rotational forces or strong shaking      of the head cause diffuse Axonal. This is characterized by a tearing of a      nerve tissue in the brain. This tearing can cause other chemicals to be      released and may result to further injury.
  • Coup-Countrecoup is a type of brain      injury that is like a double contusion. A motion that resulted a contusion      made the brain move and slam towards the opposite side creating another      contusion.


Types of Acquired Brain Injury

  • Anoxia is due to the loss of oxygen      in the brain. It can be Anoxic Anoxia, Anemic Anoxia or Toxic Anoxia.
  • Hypoxic on the other hand refers to      the injury wherein the brain receives oxygen but not enough amounts of it.

These types of brain injury need immediate care from the experts and must not be taken lightly. There might be unseen bleeding or forming of a blood clot inside the brain, both of which are considered fatal or impose serious health concerns.