Animal Bites and Legal Liability

Those connected with an animal who bites someone, including the owner of the animal and keeper, if any, will be held legally responsible if that animal bites someone or causes some type of injuries to someone. Animal bites can result in serious injuries. Sometimes it can lead to permanent disability. It can also be fatal at times. If you are an animal bite or attack victim, contact a personal injury attorney. Those having something to do with the animal bite can be sued for negligence and made to pay compensation for your injuries. If you have lost a near and dear one to an animal bite, you may have a case for wrongful death. Those connected with an animal must take all the necessary precautions to prevent the animal from attacking or biting others. The Humane Society estimates that each year more than 10 people dues due to dog bites alone.

Those having something to do with the animal bite can be found negligent only if they had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care in its actions. One has a duty to exercise reasonable care if the failure to do so may result in an unreasonable risk of harm, provided that the injury to the plaintiff was reasonably foreseeable by the defendant. ‘Reasonable care’ is the degree of care that a reasonable person would exercise under similar circumstances. Although this standard never varies, the level of care that will be found reasonable under the circumstances will vary proportionately with the danger involved.

You must prove that the defendant’s (animal owner, those connected with the animal) breach of duty proximately caused your injuries. The plaintiff typically proves this by showing that the breach was a ‘substantial factor’ in bringing about the injury. Finally, you must prove that you sustained a legal  injury; inortherwords, an injury that can allow the court to do something for you, such as award you damages.

A personal injury lawyer can review the facts of your case and then determine the obligations and liabilities of each of the person connected with the animal that injured you. The lawyer can then demand compensation from the persons. If they do not pay the demanded compensation, the personal injury attorney will file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. You will be entitled to compensation for the medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering.