Preventing Animal Attacks

Whether you love the wild and its faunas or you just simply adore the cuteness and uniqueness of animals, there may be times when you may be in danger of possible animal attacks. These may cause certain injuries or may even bring death. With this in mind, it would be better to arm yourself with some knowledge on how to prevent animal attacks before they even happen.

  • Read more about the animals that you will be meeting, observing, or visiting.

If you will be visiting the wild or going to an animal haven like a zoo, always read about the animals that you will be meeting in there. This will help you avoid things or actions that may agitate the animals and cause them to attack you. read more


Divorce Law

Atlanta divorce

Divorce is a part of family law. Most family lawyers deal in divorce matters but if you are looking for an expert, you should hire the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. A good  divorce law firm deals exclusively in divorce matters. Divorce lawyer

Divorce law is governed by state law. Each state has its own residency requirements for filing of a divorce petition. If you do not meet the residency requirements, then you cannot file a divorce petition in that state. Divorce attorneys are generally aware of the residency requirements of the states they practice in. An experienced divorce attorney will review your circumstances and determine if you meet the residency requirements for filing a divorce petition under your state law. If you do not meet the residency requirements, a divorce attorney can advice you of your options. read more

Atlanta Deportation Attorney Zeb Ogueri Reviews Removal

Attorney Zeb Ogueri reviews Deportation:  Under the U.S.immigration laws, deportation is the harshest punishment most clients complain about. Attorney Ned Ogueri. As a non-U.S. citizen living in theUnited States, you can be deported for even a minor infraction.

Deportation laws are complex. The Marietta – Atlanta GA Deportation lawyer at  Zeribe Law Offices, helps non-U.S. citizens fight deportation. If you are facing deportation, an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer can review our case and represent you before the USCIS or the immigration court and help you fight the deportation. read more

Animal Bites and Legal Liability

Those connected with an animal who bites someone, including the owner of the animal and keeper, if any, will be held legally responsible if that animal bites someone or causes some type of injuries to someone. Animal bites can result in serious injuries. Sometimes it can lead to permanent disability. It can also be fatal at times. If you are an animal bite or attack victim, contact a personal injury attorney. Those having something to do with the animal bite can be sued for negligence and made to pay compensation for your injuries. If you have lost a near and dear one to an animal bite, you may have a case for wrongful death. Those connected with an animal must take all the necessary precautions to prevent the animal from attacking or biting others. The Humane Society estimates that each year more than 10 people dues due to dog bites alone. read more

Obama Immigration Reform – Goals and Hurdles

U.S President Obama passed a legislation to have a reform in the immigration system of the United States. Unfortunately, the bill is not that easy to pass because of several hurdles.

Obama wanted to reform the current immigration system to increase the spending on border security. This in turns allows the immigrants (undocumented ones) to pursue citizenship after passing some requirements. Here are some of those mentioned by Obama:

  • Pass background checks
  • Learn English
  • Pay taxes and penalty
  • Go back to the line of coming to America legally

Why can’t the immigration reform be passed?

Though President Obama has many reasons on why do he wanted to have a reform in the immigration system, other people see it negatively and doubted the outcomes of such reform if ever. This keeps the immigration reform remains a bill and not a Law. There are three major hurdles President Obama is currently facing: read more

Why Choose a PI Lawyer

The personal injury claim can be such a complicated thing! It requires knowing the complications before you actually can make the claims for yourself for a personal injury. The law is quite away from being very straight and one must fully understand the term ‘personal injury’ in order to claim or the rightful stuffs he deserves. It is an extended over term for someone else’s conduct and action for a wrongly done thing. It extends up to the point of negligence that can bring about certain injuries and death. The whole idea can seem very out of the way that is not easily understandable and by the time you know that it is so. read more

Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

Car accidents have been common enough that we see one reported on the news daily. Car accidents refer to any misfortune or mishap wherein injuries or death of the passengers are a result of a car crash or collision. Researchers say that most of these cases of car accidents can be attributed to human error. A large percentage of the reasons why car accidents occur are due to a misconduct or misbehaviour of the one behind the wheels.

Human Error

There are certain behaviors of drivers that are seen as negligent. These reckless behaviors often lead to a car accident. read more

Tips in Preventing Electrical Accidents at Home

Many electrical accidents at home cause temporary to permanent damages to the body. According to records, the primary victims of electrical accidents are the children and the common encounter is brought about by their curiosity with everything they see around them. However, precautionary measures can result to significant protection for your family. Here are some tips that can be followed to prevent electrical accidents at home:

1. Have your power system checked regularly.

This will give you and the power maintenance team, some assurance that no wires are irregularly connected. The wiring installation can be checked once every five years. You can do it once every three years instead, for a more guaranteed safety and protection. read more

Guideline in Preventing Inadequate Security Issues


Inadequate security issues arise from a breach of duty to provide safety to clients and personnel. Inadequate security issues cover a wide range of related matters. It could be about crime, environment and structure, attitudes and behaviors and policies to name a few. Here are a few guidelines in preventing inadequate security issues:

  1. Preventing inadequate security issues are about providing the right kind of safety measures. This includes having premises with proper and secure entry and exit points, security cameras, adequate lighting, security guards and alarms to name a few.
  2. Acquiring a list of security requirements from the local or federal level (depending on the scale of business) will help in gearing up to prevent inadequate security from taking place.
  3. Knowing the characteristics of the business premises helps in establishing a better plan to prevent inadequate security concerns. High crime rate, high traffic and high calamity areas should also have greater protection to avoid inadequate security issues.
  4. Inadequate security can also be avoided by a more efficient hiring procedure. Including background checks and asking for clearances is part of making sure that employees will not be the cause of inadequate security issues.
  5. Inadequate security may be addressed further by providing the staff with training for emergencies and crime prevention.
  6. Keeping a good system of internal security is part of ensuring that the establishment will not attract criminal activity. Inadequate security could stem from inside jobs and internal leaks, which could be avoided.
  7. Even by just having a proactive attitude towards people helps alleviate possible concerns regarding inadequate security. Having a staff with high morale and being in touch with the local community are simple and unsaid help in preventing inadequate security problems.

Inadequate security is a major concern for business owners. Lawsuits are the most common wake-up calls for entrepreneurs who may not have noticed inadequate security issues in the first place. Learning about the basic guidelines helps business proprietors plan better and manage their resources to be able to address inadequate security prevention. read more

Factors that Determine Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries happen when a person slips and falls, and comes to harm as a direct result of the incident. Injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents may be minor or major, and temporary or permanent. There are a number of factors that determine the type of injury caused by a slip and fall incident:

Existing physical condition of the person

If the person has an existing injury, it may or may not contribute to the severity of the injuries suffered as a result of the incident. From the other end, damages suffered from a slip and fall incident may prove fatal given the existing injuries of the person. read more

Top 5 Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injury is one of the leading kinds of harm that befall young children and the elderly population. According to the United States National Institute of Health, there are more than 2 million people who seek treatment for burn injury and over 3,000 die of severe burns.

Burn injury is a cause for concern in a worldwide scale and it can happen to just about anybody. Knowing about the leading causes of burn injury is the first step in preventing it from happening.

The top five causes of burn injury are: read more

Brain Injury Types


All brain injuries are head injuries but not all head injuries are necessarily a brain injury. An injury is categorized as a brain injury if the affected area or areas on the head are parts of the brain or the brain as a whole. A brain injury can be traumatic or acquired. A direct blow to the head or any other motion or external forces cause a traumatic brain injury. On the other hand, an acquired brain injury is caused by medical complications, diseases or other circumstances not classified as a violent force. read more

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident


Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. However, there are still people who get involved in drunk driving accidents. There are certain pointers to remember in what to do if you are involved in a drunk driving accident. These should be kept in mind as drunk driving accidents, no matter its severity the damages are, are still emergency cases.

Pointers to Remember if Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident 

  • When involved in a drunk driving      accident, you must first assess the damage. Check yourself as well as the      other passengers of your car if anyone is injured, unconscious, or      bleeding. Make sure to call for help or an ambulance immediately.
  • Make sure to check the other party      involved in the drunk driving accident. Check if anyone is injured.
  • Once done checking and if confirmed      that only a minor drunk driving accident occurred and no fatality or      injuries are involved, remember to stay calm. Panicking would not do      anything.
  • In cases of a car wreck in a drunk      driving accident, get help in moving your car at the side of the road. If      you have warning triangles, place them accordingly for safety. You can      also turn your headlights on to alert other drivers. Not doing so may send      another car crashing across the road.
  • Call the police and let them do the      investigation. The presence of an authority in a drunk driving accident      scene in important as he may act as the intermediary between two parties.
  • Take pictures of the scene if you      can – the more pictures, the better. The photos will capture the extent of      damage done to the car.
  • Exchange information with the other      driver like name, contact number, and address.
  • Call your insurance agent and      inform them of what had happened.

In reality, the authorities will eventually know when someone was driving under the influence of alcohol when the drunk driving accident happened. It is advisable to be quiet and maintain minimal discussion while the investigation is being conducted as you may say things that may be used against you in the future. Most of the time, the blame on drunk driving accidents are naturally put into the one who consumed alcohol because a drunk driver has less focus and concentration on the road and has a greater tendency to not notice other vehicles and are less wary of the traffic signs. To avoid any drunk driving accident, better steer away from alcohol if you know that you will be driving, as a drunk driving accident is something that could be easily prevented. read more

Wrongful Death Claim: What are its Limitations?

 A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit filed against a person who, due to reckless behavior or misconduct, has caused the death of an individual. Typical examples of this are deaths caused by medical malpractice or work-related accidents. The actions may be deliberate or not but the main point is that these actions has caused the wrongful death of a person.

Wrongful Death Claims Against Whom?

A wrongful death claim can be filed against anyone with the grounds that:

  • It is proven that the actions of      the individual are the real cause of the death as well as the injuries      suffered by the deceased.
  • The family of the individual has      suffered from emotional as well as financial damages due to the death of      their family member.

If the above mentioned are both satisfied, then a wrongful death claim could certainly be filed. read more

Child Injury and its Types

Child injury is named as the leading cause of mortality rate for children who are 15 years old and below. A child injury is often caused unintentionally. Moreover, it would be surprising to know that a child injury occurs most often in the safety of a home. Some types of child injury can be considered minor and may not need constant medical attention while some can be categorized as a major child injury if frequent consultation with the doctor and regular treatment is required. If the child injury is experienced, it is important to assess how serious the injury might be.  read more

How to Prevent a Truck Accident

A truck accident can happen in a blink of an eye. Whether you have a knack for ineptitude or you miscalculated your ability to drive, it doesn’t matter. As a car driver, you need to know how to prevent a truck accident from happening. Bear in mind that while there’s a big chance of you being involved in a truck accident, it won’t happen as long as you follow the tips listed below that can absolutely help you in your travel endeavors.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

If you ever read the papers, chances are you’ve probably know that this is usually the cause of a truck accident. A blind spot is common for all types of vehicle, whether you’re driving a car, motor, or even a truck. It is when you can’t see anything without looking ahead or on the side and rear view mirrors on your vehicle. You need to check the areas around you before making any kind of maneuvers such as turns and stops. If there is a truck vehicle in your blind spot, there is a high chance of you getting involved in a truck accident. So you need to be careful driving to avoid a truck accident in the future. read more

Proving the Occurrence of a Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to a situation wherein a person was injured or suffered damages brought about by a medical care professional such as a physician. Other areas touching malpractice by those in the healthcare field such as a chiropractors, dentist, nurse, also may be implicated. In the case of a dentist, it is called dental  malpractice. In this case, the victim may file a medical malpractice claim. A medical malpractice is caused by the negligent behavior of a health care provider which caused an injury or in worse cases, death, of the patient. When the death of an individual is related to medical malpractice, it can be categorized as a wrongful death. Lawrenceville dentist read more

Defining Inadequate Security

Inadequate security is an issue that has led to lawsuits in different parts of the world. Inadequate security is synonymous to negligent security.  Inadequate security is a phrase that seems simple but it is actually covered by much legality and complications.

To understand fully what inadequate security means, it is better to break it down to its basic components: security and inadequacy.

Security roughly means protection against harm, damages, invasion and prevention of such future occurrences. Inadequate refers to insufficiency, deficiency and shortage. read more

Medical Malpractice Actions

Medical malpractice actions happen more than two hundred thousand times per year and that number grows by leaps and bounds each New Year that passes by. If a doctor acts in a negligent manner when trying to help a patient it can be medical malpractice if a doctor does not take appropriate medical action then this also can constitute as medical malpractice. Basic medical malpractice such as:

  • If a medical provider fails to provide the correct treatment for a medical condition.
  • Extended delay in treating a patient with a medically diagnosed condition.
  • To misdiagnosis a medical condition or a disease that has deadly or debilitating consequences.

Many medical malpractice lawyers are very cautious about the cases that they accept as the cost associated with these cases are abnormally larger than any other type of court case. Doctors are bound by their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm but this oath does not make mention to not make mistakes. Here are few types of medical malpractice such as: read more

Wrongful Death Claim: For Justice and Compensation

A wrongful death claim is an appeal of the relatives of the deceased person for compensation. It is a lawsuit meant to compensate for the damages suffered by the family due to the lost of their loved one. A claim for wrongful death can be pursued against an individual, a company or even the government. There are also certain types of accidents or mistakes that can be considered by the court as situation of a wrongful death. There are certain types of damages in a case of a wrongful death claim that are recognized in the court that requires compensation in monetary form. read more

Accident and Injury Tips

auto accident lawyer

Most people don’t know what to do in a case of an accident and personal injury. What you have to know is that you could be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries. In case you have been injured and another party is responsible for your injuries, you should seek compensation from an Atlanta accident attorney . But it often happens that people who suffered a personal injury can’t get a compensation because they don’t know how the system actually works. Since many people find themselves in a bad situation due to stalled compensation claims and lousy built cases, there are some things you should know about building a solid case, for example an  Atlanta personal injury law firm . Also, you may be eligible for additional benefits related to your claim. To make use of these benefits and claims against the responsible party, follow these steps: read more

An Overview of A Dog Bite Incident

A bite from a dog may seem quite minimal, however can result in serious health complications. For all of the things you’ve been experiencing after the dog attack incident, a dog bite attorney can help you deal with the discomfort, suffering, as well as emotional trauma you’re going through and more significantly, collect money from the pet’s owner for your needed medical-related expenses. dog bite lawyer atlanta, GA

To keep you and your dog faraway from bite situations, the Centers for disease control has formulated some guidelines which can be utilized in a dog bite incident. Contemplate on some critical factors first just before deciding to obtain a dog. All dogs need company and time; if a dog is left alone too often, it can develop separation anxiety and socialization issues. It is not just essential to give a dog food and also water, but in addition to have a plan to spend at least some time each day playing with the dog as well as taking it into situations in which it encounters both other dogs and individuals. There are dogs that behave well whenever along with their owners yet break free and wild when introduced to the open. read more

At Will Employment

Under the common law in theUnited States, the employer-employee relationship is governed by the doctrine of “employment at will.” Employment continues only so long as both parties agree to it; unless there is a contract specifying otherwise, an employer may discharge an employee at any time without notice and without cause. The courts have held that the meaning of “employment at will” is that an employee may be discharged for good reasons, for bad reasons, or for no reasons at all, without giving the employee any legal grounds to sue for reinstatement or damages. read more

Employment Hiring

The employment relationship is like every relationship-it demands a tremendous amount of work and understanding, requires total commitment, and is based upon loyalty and trust. Without these essential components, there can be no connection. The success or failure of the employment relationship is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee. The relationship may fail for various reasons: The employer and employee have different perspectives or understandings of what is expected; they experience personality clashes or conflicting business objectives; conduct in the workplace is unacceptable or unlawful, such as sex discrimination or retaliation for asserting a legal right. If your business is hiring employees, consult with an experienced business lawyer. The lawyer can advise you on the laws that your business must comply with while hiring employees. read more

Calculating CHild Support

Who will pay child support will depend to a great extent on where the children spend most of their time. If your spouse is the custodial parent, then you will almost always be  required to pay child support. Generally the courts hold that both parents are responsible for supporting the children, and when the children stay with one parent most of the time, chances are that custodial parent will require some assistance paying for the housing, food, clothing, and everything else the children need. But there are cases where the parent with primary custody has been ordered to pay child support to the non-custodial parent. When the custodial parent’s income is substantial greater than the other’s parent’s, the court can order the custodial parent to pay child support to the non-custodial parent based on the amount of time the non-custodial parent spends with the children. If you and your spouse share custody 50-50 and your income is significantly greater than your spouse’s income, you will generally be required to pay child support to your spouse even though you’re caring for the children half the time. Seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to calculate child support. read more

Leave Litigation to the Experts

Litigation can be complex. It is best left to the experts – litigation attorneys. A litigation attorney specializes in litigating cases. Litigations generally refer to the court battle. Litigation requires specialized skills and expertise which mostly only litigation lawyers such as an Atlanta personal injury lawyer  has.

Litigation procedures can vary from state to state and sometimes from county to county. Attempting to litigate your case by yourself can lead to disaster. If you are involved in litigation, you should hire the services of a litigation attorney. Litigation attorneys can assist both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation. read more

Stop Foreclosure By Contacting A Real Estate Attorney

It’s happening everywhere. People are suffering from the effects of the downturn in the economy. Some are even losing their homes to foreclosure. Nothing is more disquieting than being thrown out of the home you have worked long and hard for, to provide the best for your family. When foreclosure seems imminent, be sure to check with a real estate lawyer, so you will know what your rights are when it comes to this disturbing prospect. Mr. Buy House

A real estate attorney will be able to review the details of the planned foreclosure, and lay out all your options, so that you can set up a plan of action to either stop the foreclosure, or find another place to live. read more

International trading

International laws used to be thought to only apply to the transactions between one country and the other. However, with the expansion of globalization, we have seen the scope of international law expand to mean relationships between individuals and other countries. With the advent of international business, it is important that everyone is playing the same game.

Most of the international law involving individuals is known as private international law, but there is some bleed over to public international law as well. It is important to note that some of the issues simply do cross lines. When you have corporations operating in different countries, it is difficult to have anything simple in law. You are going to find that having someone like an international law lawyer at your side is a good idea if you are going to be expanding a business beyond your borders. These are the professionals who know this area of the law and can explain it to you in the most straightforward way possible. Many corporations have scores of these attorneys employed by them in order to advise them on legal issues and protect them when they are sued internationally. It is important to them to have this kind of thing so that they are never caught with their pants down. It might be advisable for a small business owner to do the same thing. read more

International Human Rights

In the world today, people everywhere are living a busy and stressful life dealing with their jobs, homes, children, friends and what not. However, when it comes to the nation and awareness about one’s own country there are very few people who are aware of their own rights and duties. Everyone must know their fundamental human rights to stand up for themselves in their society and in the world. The best person to help the common person with Universal Human Rights is a human rights lawyer or a human rights attorney. read more

Trust Estates

Estate Planning is the management of someone’s assets or belongings while the person is still living. Estate Planning also provides for an organized distribution of assets after the death of a person. Estate planning provides the management and administration of the distribution of property and personal assets.

There are three levels of estate planning: A will, a living trust and intestate succession. A will provides direction and is a statement of command in the voice of the deceased that dictates asset allocation. A living trust is a form of estate planning that helps to manage the assets of a person who is still alive. A living trust provides clear instruction about end of life medical care, distribution of assets, etc. in the case of incapacitation. Living trusts are usually revocable. An intestate succession occurs when there is no will or living trust and the state must then decide how to distribute assets. Intestate successions are avoidable by using probate lawyers to create a will or living trust. read more

Family Law Overview

Family law is a generic but broad area of law dealing with the law of personal relationships. It covers a wide array of legal issues, from marriage, divorce, legal separation, adoption, child custody, child support, parenting time, division of marital property, juvenile law and a myriad of other issues. Within these issues, there are literally hundred of sub-issues.

When a marriage is ending, there are numerous issues which must be dealt with besides merely ending the legal relationship of marriage. The property accumulated by the parties must be equitably divided pursuant to state law, debts must be assigned, child custody must be resolved, parenting time for the non-custodial parent must be considered, and financial support of the child or children must be addressed. Issues regarding the continuation of health insurance, whether the family home must be sold, whether a parent decides to move from the area are other issues that commonly appear in the family law realm. Family law attorneys are trained to resolve these situations. At worst, issues of domestic violence may be present, bringing the realm of criminal law into the situation. read more

Spousal Support

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce knows how hard it can be. They know how draining a divorce can be in every way. There is no reason that one cannot file for spousal support. A good way to start this process is to consult a family law lawyer. This type of lawyer does specialize in family law. It does not seem as if a divorce or gaining spousal support should be tied to family law at first; but when going through the process of a nasty divorce, one realizes quickly how it deals directly to family law. read more

Getting a Legal Separation

There are many reasons why married couples separate during their marriage. It is important to understand first of all the differences between legal separation and divorce. First, legal separation means that you live apart yet remain married. During a legal separation, there is usually an arrangement for visitation, custody, child support, spousal support and so on. However, the marriage remains in tact. Legal separation is often the first step taken by couples who are considering divorce.

When you are selecting a family law attorney to guide you through the process of a legal separation, understand that many of the documents prepared by the family law attorney are the same as those used for divorce. While you may be only considering a legal separation, the process is usually the same. Make sure that the family law lawyer that you select is well schooled in the process of legal separation and divorce, as this will be very helpful should you and your spouse decide to complete the process and become divorced. read more

Landlord Tennant Lawyers

A landlord and tenant lawyer specializes in dealing with landlord and tenant issues. This can be a complex area of law and if you need any assistance in this complex area, your best source of assistance are landlord – tenant lawyers.

As a tenant, when you are entering into a lease agreement with the property management company or the landlord, you should always consult with an experienced landlord – tenant attorney. If the agreement is prepared by the property management company or the landlord, landlord – tenant attorneys can advise tenants on clauses in the agreement that might adversely affect their rights. In any such agreement, a landlord – tenant lawyer will closely review the terms of the agreement especially those dealing with eviction, tenant’s rights and deposits. read more

Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning lawyers can play a big role in ensuring that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. An estate planning lawyer can ensure that your heirs do not have to pay estate taxes on their inheritance.

If you are making a will, you should hire the services of an experienced estate planning attorney. Estate planning attorneys know the requirements of a valid will. If your will is not valid, then your estate must pass through probate which can be time consuming and costly. Also when your estate goes through probate, your estate will be distributed according to the state laws and not according to your wishes. So someone to whom you did not want to give any share in your estate may end up getting a huge share or someone to whom you wanted to give a large share of your estate might not receive any share at law. To avoid such things happening after you are no more, you should hire the services of an experienced estate planning attorney. The estate planning attorney can also act as the executor of your will if you want him to. read more

Employment Law

Employment laws are complex. If you are an employer, you will require the services of an experienced employment lawyer. Employment lawyers will ensure that your business is in compliance with federal and state employment laws.

As an employer, whenever there is a vacancy in your organization, you will generally advertise the vacancy in newspapers. However there are restrictions on such advertisements. Employment attorneys are aware of these restrictions. Before you put out an advertisement for a job opening in your organization, you should have an employment attorney review the contents of the advertisements. Your advertisement should not discriminate against applicants based on a characteristic protected by law. read more

Small Business Law

Small business lawyers specialize in small business matters. If you are a small business owner, a small business lawyer can be of immense help. A small business attorney can assist you choose the structure of your business. Each business structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Small business attorneys can explain to you how each of the structure works and which is best suited for your business.

When you are setting up a small business, your best source of information is an experienced small business lawyer. Small business lawyers can help you set up your business. There are many state and local laws that you have to comply with when you set up your small business. An experienced small business lawyer can review your business and can ensure that your business complies with all the state and local laws. While it is not necessary to have a small business lawyer assist you when you are setting up your business, in the long run, you will not regret having hired a small business lawyer to advice you while setting up your business. read more

USA Tax Lawyers

Tax attorneys specialize in tax laws. A tax attorney understands the ever changing tax laws and rules. Tax lawyers can assist you file your income tax returns. Not filing your tax returns in time is an offense. If you have missed filing your tax returns, consult with an experienced tax lawyer.

Tax attorneys know there is a difference between tax evasion and tax planning. Tax planning is perfectly legally. Tax planning basically uses the provisions of law to lower your tax liability. Seek the assistance of an experienced tax attorney if you want to lower your tax liability through tax planning. Tax planning requires deep knowledge of the tax laws. Attempting to do it without the assistance of a tax attorney can result in trouble. Your do it yourself tax planning can result in tax evasion. A tax attorney will ensure that your tax planning strategies are within the framework of law and legal. read more

Child Custody

Child custody is a part of divorce law. Most divorce attorneys can assist you with child custody but if are looking for the best source of assistance with child custody issues, then you should hire the services of a child custody attorney. Child custody attorneys specialize in child custody issues.

Generally child custody is one of the most contested issues in a divorce proceeding. Usually the mother gets the custody of children especially of the children are young. But that does not mean that a father cannot get child custody. If you are a father fighting for child custody, an experienced child custody lawyer can assist you get custody of your child. Child custody lawyers can also help the mother in a child custody battle. read more

DUI Lawyers

DUI attorneys know that even a first time DUI conviction can result in insurance issues for you. Many insurance companies have a clause in the insurance policy that allows them to cancel the policy immediately if you have arrested for DUI. Even if your insurance policy does not have this clause, your insurance costs will certainly increase. Even for a first time DUI offender, the increase can be significant. If you have an excellent driving record and the DUI is the only scar on your otherwise excellent driving record, the increase will be marginal. You cannot avoid this increase by changing your insurance company. When you change your insurance company, the new company will conduct a background check on you. Your background check will reveal your DUI conviction. A DUI attorney can assist you fight the DUI charges. read more

Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

You will need the services of a real estate attorney if you are buying a home. A real estate attorney has expert knowledge about the laws governing the process of home buying. A real estate attorney can play an important role in your home purchase transaction. You are not legally required to use the services of a real estate attorney while buying a home. However if you hire a real estate attorney to assist you, the process will be a lot easier.

Whenever you buy a home, you will be required to sign a contract with the person selling the house. This contract is legally enforceable. This contract will bestow certain rights and obligations on you. This is where a real estate attorney can play an important role. To prevent problems and save both time and money in the future, it is important that you understand your rights and obligations under the contract. The real estate attorney can explain your rights and obligation under the contract. read more

Coming to the USA is Still a Priority for Many Immigrants

With the United States being the cultural melting pot that it is, immigrants are coming into the country In droves for a piece of the American Pie. Although the United States immigration Policy has changed due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist events, making it more difficult for people to emigrate to the United States, when compared to previous years, immigration is still a top priority for immigrants.

Immigration lawyers have seen a record number of applications for immigration benefits jump since president Obama signed the youth enforcement deferment act. So does an interviewed Marietta immigration lawyer who practices immigration and deportation defense in Georgia. read more

Hiring an Experienced Immigration Attorney

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident you can bring your family members who are foreign nationals to the United States. immigration lawyer

You should try consulting with an experienced immigration attorney if you want to bring your foreign family members to the United States. Your foreign family member can visit the United States and stay with you on a visitor visa. However a visitor visa will not allow the foreign family member to work in the US. Also the family member will have to leave the US once the visa expires. He or she can stay in theUS only till the validity of the visa. Your foreign family member must make an application for a visitor visa to the US Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over his or her place of residence abroad. The application for a visitor visa must be accompanied by certain documents which can vary from country to country and will depend on many factors including your relationship with that family member. One of the requirements for a visitor visa is that the applicant must demonstrate that he or she has enough funds to pay of the proposed stay in the US. If your family member cannot demonstrate sufficient funds from his or her own sources, you can provide a letter of support along with evidences of your finances. A good US immigration attorney can advise you on the requirements for a visitor visa for your foreign family member. US citizens and permanent residents can bring their alien family member to live permanently with them in the United States. The US citizen or permanent resident must sponsor the immigrant visa petition. Your status – US citizen or permanent resident will determine the family members you can sponsor. A US citizen can sponsor his or her spouse, children of any age, parents, brothers and sisters. A permanent resident can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children. Call an immigration attorney. The attorney can review your case and advise you on your eligibility to sponsor your family member. The US citizen or permanent resident completes the immigrant visa petition on behalf of the foreign family member and files the petition with the USCIS along with proof of eligibility to sponsor the petition – evidence of US citizenship or permanent status and also proof of the petitioner’s relationship with the beneficiary of the petition – the foreign family member. Proof of relationship will vary. For example if the petitioner and the beneficiary are brothers, then the birth certificates of the petitioner and the beneficiary indicating a common parent will suffice. If the beneficiary is the spouse of the petitioner, then marriage certificate will be considered as proof of the relationship. Once the petition is approved, the foreign family member will receive an immigrant visa. There are different kinds of immigrant visa for family members and family members. Some of them have a waiting period and the family member may have to wait for some time before actually getting a visa.   Not all foreign family members qualify for a family based immigrant visa. Call an experienced US immigration attorney to know your options if your family member does not qualify for a family based immigrant visa. Atlanta immigration law firm read more

A Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney can assist you with your bankruptcy filing. However there is more a bankruptcy attorney can do for you. Besides assisting you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy attorney can be an invaluable source of assistance. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you buy a car during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Buying a car during bankruptcy can be complex. When you file a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7, the court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee to liquidate your assets and pay off your creditors. The trustee will take over all your non-exempt assets. Based on the exemption elected by you, your car may be an exempt asset. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you in determining your exemptions. However, if you do not have a car or you want to purchase another car while your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is pending, you should ideally wait until the creditors meeting is over. It may be difficult for you to obtain finance for your car while you are in bankruptcy. Even if lenders are willing to offer you finance, you will be charged a high interest rate. There are lenders who specialize in providing finance to people in bankruptcy. Meet the lender and explain the reasons for your bankruptcy. If the reason for your bankruptcy is something beyond your control like loss of employment or sudden illness, then the lender will adopt a positive approach while dealing with you especially if you have a regular source of income. The lender will want to know how you intend to pay back. You must have a detailed repayment plan to show the lender. Many bankruptcy attorneys have a list of lenders willing to finance the purchase of a car during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. read more

Should you ask a lawyer in person, or view legal videos online?

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, then you probably have a number of questions: am I likely to win my case? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What information do I need to provide? Will I go to court? How exactly will the lawyer I hire help me? Attempting to find answers to these questions online can be maddening, and while you might like to ask an attorney, if you don’t have one as a friend—or even if you do—that can get complicated as well. A relatively new option for finding answers to your questions is viewing legal videos posted online by attorneys. These informational videos are designed by lawyers to help answer common questions that come up during their first meetings with prospective clients, and can help you better understand the process. Here’s a breakdown of how looking for and watching these videos compares with seeking out a lawyer to speak with in person. read more

Attorneys get more clients with lawyer videos

Lawyer videos have been known to play an important part in the success of online law firms. Videos in general can be successful means through which marketing and sales can be achieved. As I’m sure you have already noticed, nearly all of the law firms that can be found online have some form of video acting as a promotion for their company. This has resulted in many firms becoming successful as they have been able to get more clients through this approach.

If you are a law firm and have not made use of lawyer videos to date, it is time that you started to do so. The online market is a competitive place. Many experts believe that it is more competitive than the high street market itself. For this reason, for your business to be successful in the online world, it is important to try new approaches and methods. You may be asking yourself why videos of lawyers have been proven to generate more clients. Law is such a profession where face to face interaction is compulsory. There is no doubt that there are a large number of online law firms that have been devised to provide you with a service. The only problem is that where the internet is seen as a great place for services, it is important to be able to distinguish between those sites that have been devised to commit fraud and the sites which are genuine legal sites. read more

Attorney Video Marketing

The most important factor in marketing a particular product or service is the strategies the person or a group of people use in order to market without which the marketing cannot be done effectively. Similarly, law firms also depend completely on certain strategies, which will help them achieve tremendous success and growth in the marketing process. These days, law firms have also started using modern technology to market their firms and attorney video marketing has become very popular of late. Recent research shows that around eighty to ninety percent of internet users watch a minimum of one video per week. In today’s world where the internet is something which has become unavoidable, watching videos on the internet has become extremely popular and has its own advantages and benefits. read more

10 Tips in Creating Effective Lawyer Videos

10 Tips in Creating Effective Lawyer Videos

There are many simple steps that you can take in creating an effective lawyer video. Some people don’t even realize how small, thought out steps can really improve an online lawyer video. They just think that stating facts can bring in customers. But the truth is that you have to do a lot more than recite a few lines about yourself and your practice to make a difference. You have to want people to choose you over the other competition. With ten easy tips, these can greatly improve your ratings and success in your practice. read more

Getting Help With Administrative Law Lawyers

Administrative law is different from the regular justice system.  Administrative law governs government agencies. Sample of the type of Administrative law cases:

  • Social security administration
  • Disability claims, supplemental security income(SSI)
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Obtain a construction permit
  • Reinstate a business license

Administrative law can apply to both state and federal agencies, no civil cases are tried in these cases. Administrative law is different than regular law proceedings because there is a council or tribunal that will oversee your case not a judge they will decide the outcome of your case. Administrative law has its own set of laws that exist in the court setting. These laws are different than the regular civil laws. read more

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate transactions are rising in America after a period of hibernation. Investing in commercial real estate is not easy at all. Hiring the services of real estate lawyers will prove to be greatly beneficial to those who want to buy commercial land, as such a purchase is more expensive than investing in residential real estate of the same size; moreover, there are more technicalities. The buyer and the seller may not be aware of all the rules of buying land and unless everything is done according to the current real estate laws, the transaction will be withheld. It is almost impossible for one who has not studied commercial real estate to keep track of all the rules and regulations of real estate especially the updated ones, so for this, he approaches a competent lawyer. read more

Business Tax and Deductions

If you are a business owner, you should be careful about what you claim as deductions on your business tax returns. Claiming the wrong deductions can cause problems for you. Not all interest is deductible. Personal interest, interest paid on money borrowed to buy personal items such as clothing, gifts, artwork, furniture, and cars not used for business, is not deductible at all.

Business interest, interest paid on money borrowed to use in a trade or business, is always deductible in full. For the business owner, the goal is to separate business borrowings from investment or personal borrowings and, whenever possible, to borrow for or through the business. It is the failure to make this separation that gets businesspeople into trouble. read more

Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You in Your Custody Battle

When you are going through a divorce and you have children it can be one of the most trying times of your life. No one wants to lose their kids. The very first things you need to do are call child custody lawyers and find one that fits within your perimeters. When you are fighting to win sole custody of your children you need a family lawyer in your corner. A lawyer can help you understand the legal statues and precedents of the family law process. They can help you figure out what your first line of defense and your offense should be. Child custody lawyers can show you a synopsis of what the courts will deem as an ideal parent and how you can fall into this clarification. Your attorney will tell you upfront what they think your chances are. You will need to be forth right with your child custody lawyers as the more information you divulge to them about your situation the better they can represent you and your children. read more