Accident and Injury Tips

Most people don’t know what to do in a case of an accident and personal injury. What you have to know is that you could be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries. In case you have been injured and another party is responsible for your injuries, you should seek compensation. But it often happens that people who suffered a personal injury can’t get a compensation because they don’t know how the system actually works. Since many people find themselves in a bad situation due to stalled compensation claims and lousy built cases, there are some things you should know about building a solid case for a personal injury claim. Also, you may be eligible for additional benefits related to your claim. To make use of these benefits and claims against the responsible party, follow these steps:

Step One

You should seek medical attention immediately after you’ve been injured. In case your injury is severe, call 911. You should provide all the details concerning your personal injury to the doctor so this data can become an important part of your medical records. Make sure you keep all copies of the medical treatment records related to your personal injury because they will be an important part of your claim.

Step Two

After you’ve taken care of your injuries, call your lawyer even before you call your insurance company. Don’t hesitate to do that and don’t waste your time because the attorney could give you valuable advice. Create a copy of any report that has been made about the accident. Keep this report together with your other records on the suffered injury. Atlanta personal injury lawyer

Step Three

Look for witnesses. Get any information on the witnesses you can, their names, addresses and phone numbers. Independent witnesses will be valuable to your case so you should ask them to put their observations in writing.

Step Four

After doing everything mentioned in the previous steps, you should consult with an attorney. Consult with an experienced attorney that is knowledgeable on the type of accident you’ve been involved in to evaluate your case. With an attorney’s help, you should be able to understand what your rights are and what documents should be submitted for the claim. Besides that, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if you are entitled to any other benefits and if you can pursue any other claims regarding your accident and personal injury. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to reach a settlement for you, if that is the best way to go. But in case your personal injury claim has to go to court, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to get the jury verdict you will be satisfied with. Atlanta car accident law firm 

Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

Car accidents have been common enough that we see one reported on the news daily. Car accidents refer to any misfortune or mishap wherein injuries or death of the passengers are a result of a car crash or collision. Researchers say that most of these cases of car accidents can be attributed to human error. A large percentage of the reasons why car accidents occur are due to a misconduct or misbehaviour of the one behind the wheels.

Human Error

There are certain behaviors of drivers that are seen as negligent. These reckless behaviors often lead to a car accident.

  • Most of the people involved in a car accident do not have proper knowledge and training regarding driving. Insufficient      education and training regarding traffic rules and regulations is one main      root of car accidents.
  • Some people resort to aggressive driving. This means that they tailgate, they switch lanes far too often or      they flash their lights to other cars.
  • Car accidents also involve drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A driver who is over fatigued cannot function properly. Not being able to keep eyes open and not being      as focused to the other cars around them, the driver often lose control of      the vehicle resulting with a possibly fatal car accident.
  • Traffic rules and regulations are neglected and ignored. For example, drivers who did not wear their seatbelt      and unfortunately suffer from a car accident may put his life in more      danger because of not wearing the safety belt. Other examples are driving beyond the speed limit and beating the red light. 

Mechanical Equipment Failure

Some car accidents can be attributed to the malfunctioning of a part/s of a car.

  • Inefficient brakes can definitely lead to a car accident.
  • The car tires should be able to withstand whatever the road conditions are. Slipping along the roads and      loss of control are often reported in car accidents. 

Other Factors

Aside from human error and equipment failure, there are other causes of a car accident.

  • Weather conditions may also be cause of car accidents. There may be situations that it is rainy and the      roads are too slippery while there may be times that there is too much fog      and hinders the visibility of the road.
  • Another reason for car accidents would be road conditions. Regular maintenance of the roads must be      observed. Faded road signs should be replaced and any debris on the road      must be cleared.
  • Road constructions are also pointed out as a reason for car accidents. Not enough signs that show that there      are on-going constructions are also other examples.

Experts say that these collisions could have been avoided and fatalities and injured could have been reduced. It is important to point out that the majority of these car accidents happen due to driving behaviors.

Wrongful Death Claim: What are its Limitations?

 A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit filed against a person who, due to reckless behavior or misconduct, has caused the death of an individual. Typical examples of this are deaths caused by medical malpractice or work-related accidents. The actions may be deliberate or not but the main point is that these actions has caused the wrongful death of a person.

Wrongful Death Claims Against Whom?

A wrongful death claim can be filed against anyone with the grounds that:

  • It is proven that the actions of      the individual are the real cause of the death as well as the injuries      suffered by the deceased.
  • The family of the individual has      suffered from emotional as well as financial damages due to the death of      their family member.

If the above mentioned are both satisfied, then a wrongful death claim could certainly be filed.

Even the local government or the state can be subject to a wrongful death claim. If it is proven that the government’s actions or decisions has caused the death of an individual, the family can file for wrongful death and ask for compensation.

People who have made misconducts or have acted recklessly and ended up causing death can definitely subjected against a wrongful death claim. One example that was given was a man who refuses to close his swimming pool despite orders from the local government. If it happens that a child swims in it then drowns then the man can be accused of wrongful death. His refusal to close down the pool led to the death of the child.

Though these are the grounds for being accused of wrongful death, one exemption is the death of an unborn fetus. This is because an unborn fetus has no distinct legal rights until he/she was born. 

Family Immunity

There used to exist a doctrine of family immunity. This states that family members are exempted from being subject to a wrongful death claim. There are two main reasons as to why this was implemented.

  • The first reason is to promote      family harmony. The state wishes that good relationship among family      members should exist even through times wherein a relative has died.
  • The second reason is to avoid any      form of conspiracy. A wrongful death claim can be used by some people to      defraud an insurance company.

But then, many states abolished this doctrine yet some limitations were retained. One is that an adult child may file a wrongful death claim against his/her parents but a minor child is not allowed to do so.

A wrongful death claim has implemented these grounds and restrictions so as to avoid any form of abuse of law. The basis mentioned earlier should all be met for a person to be convicted of causing a wrongful death. A wrongful death claim is usually filed in order to compensate for the damages brought upon by the death of an individual. Such purpose of a wrongful death claim may lead to some conspiracy and abuse of rights.

Proving the Occurrence of a Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to a situation wherein a person was injured or suffered damages brought about by a medical care professional. In this case, the victim may file a medical malpractice claim. A medical malpractice is caused by the negligent behavior of a health care provider which caused an injury or in worse cases, death, of the patient. When the death of an individual is related to medical malpractice, it can be categorized as a wrongful death.

There are certain elements a case must include so that the victim can prove the negligent behavior that resulted to medical malpractice. 

Essential Elements to Prove Negligence

  • It must be provided that the health      care provider owes a duty of care for the patient. This element is usually      established in a medical malpractice case. It also often an issue left      undiscussed since when a medical professional agrees to provide services      or care to an individual then a doctor-patient relationship is already      established.
  • Another type of evidence needed is      that the provided service or care did not meet medical standards. Failure      to provide the standard quality of service a health care must provide is      another basis for medical malpractice.
  • It must be proven that due to the incompetence      or negligence of behavior, the patient has suffered pain or damages. These      damages in a medical malpractice claim may refer to physical and      psychological damages.
  • It must also be established that      the injury suffered by the victim is because of the misconduct or the      medical malpractice.

A medical malpractice case is a way to seek monetary compensation for the damages suffered by the patient. Non-economic damages and sometimes punitive damages are also punished to a medical professional proven guilty of medical malpractice.

A patient who is a victim of medical malpractice may sue either the health care provider, who can either be a doctor, a dentist or a nurse, or their employer. An employer may refer to a hospital, clinic or a medical organization. If it can be proven that the employer has hired an incompetent worker and made him/her treat patients despite the insufficient knowledge and experience, then the employer can be subject to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice cases are a thriving social issue as medical organizations say that there should be a set limit for the monetary compensation a patient may receive. On the other hand, others say that putting a limit for compensation for damages in a medical malpractice case may give a free reign to medical professionals and might limit the opportunities for victims to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit against health care providers or organizations.

Divorce Law

Georgia divorce lawyer callDivorce is a part of family law. Most family lawyers deal in divorce matters but if you are looking for an expert, you should hire the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer deals exclusively in divorce matters.

Divorce law is governed by state law. Each state has its own residency requirements for filing of a divorce petition. If you do not meet the residency requirements, then you cannot file a divorce petition in that state. Divorce attorneys are generally aware of the residency requirements of the states they practice in. An experienced divorce attorney will review your circumstances and determine if you meet the residency requirements for filing a divorce petition under your state law. If you do not meet the residency requirements, a divorce attorney can advice you of your options.

Once you meet the residency requirements, you must have a valid ground for seeking a divorce. The grounds for divorce are governed by state law. Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer to know if you have a valid ground for seeking a divorce under your state laws. Divorce lawyers can review your circumstances and advice you of the grounds on which you can seek a divorce under your state laws.

Once you file the divorce petition you must serve the papers on your spouse. Service must be made in accordance with your state laws. Divorce attorneys are well versed in the rules of service. An experienced divorce attorney can assist you file your divorce petition in the right court and also serve the papers on your spouse according to your state law. Atlanta divorce lawyer

If your divorce is uncontested, you should still use the services of divorce lawyers or family lawyers. In an uncontested divorce, a divorce lawyer can help you prepare and file the marital settlement agreement which lists the terms of the divorce and forms a part of the divorce decree.

In a contested divorce, you will be questioned by your spouse’s attorney. How you answer the questions will play an important part in the outcome of your divorce case. Divorce attorneys are experienced in the art of cross examination. An experienced divorce attorney can advise you on how to answer the questions and can also question your spouse to help you establish your case.

DUI Lawyers

DUI attorneys know that even a first time DUI conviction can result in insurance issues for you. Many insurance companies have a clause in the insurance policy that allows them to cancel the policy immediately if you have arrested for DUI. Even if your insurance policy does not have this clause, your insurance costs will certainly increase. Even for a first time DUI offender, the increase can be significant. If you have an excellent driving record and the DUI is the only scar on your otherwise excellent driving record, the increase will be marginal. You cannot avoid this increase by changing your insurance company. When you change your insurance company, the new company will conduct a background check on you. Your background check will reveal your DUI conviction. A DUI attorney can assist you fight the DUI charges. Atlanta criminal defense lawyer

If you have been stopped at a DUI check post and asked to take a breath analyzer test, you should not refuse the test. If you refuse, the police officer will arrest you and take you to the station. At the station the police officer is likely to question you. An experienced DUI attorney can review the details of your case and determine if the police have violated any of your rights. If the police officer questions you at the police station without reading your Miranda rights, then any answer or statement you provide the police cannot be used as evidence against you in a court of law. In such cases, DUI attorneys will move a motion to exclude such evidence from trial.

Even if you are convicted of DUI, DUI lawyers can help you clear your DUI record. An experienced DUI lawyer knows the legal process of clearing your DUI record. A DUI lawyer can determine if you are eligible for expungement and make the application for expungement on your behalf. Generally you can apply for expungement of criminal record if you are a first time offender and there is no criminal charges pending against you at the time of the expungement application. Never take a DUI charge lightly. A felony DUI charge is far more serious. If convicted of a felony DUI, you will be sent to prison even if it is your first offense. Talk to an experienced DUI lawyer. DUI lawyers can review your case and develop a defense strategy.

Hiring an Experienced Immigration Attorney

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident you can bring your family members who are foreign nationals to the United States. You should try consulting with an experienced US immigration attorney if you want to bring your foreign family members to the United States.

Your foreign family member can visit the United States and stay with you on a visitor visa. However a visitor visa will not allow the foreign family member to work in the US. Also the family member will have to leave the US once the visa expires. He or she can stay in theUS only till the validity of the visa. Your foreign family member must make an application for a visitor visa to the US Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over his or her place of residence abroad. The application for a visitor visa must be accompanied by certain documents which can vary from country to country and will depend on many factors including your relationship with that family member. One of the requirements for a visitor visa is that the applicant must demonstrate that he or she has enough funds to pay of the proposed stay in the US. If your family member cannot demonstrate sufficient funds from his or her own sources, you can provide a letter of support along with evidences of your finances. A good US immigration attorney can advise you on the requirements for a visitor visa for your foreign family member. Atlanta immigration lawyer

US citizens and permanent residents can bring their alien family member to live permanently with them in the United States. The US citizen or permanent resident must sponsor the immigrant visa petition. Your status – US citizen or permanent resident will determine the family members you can sponsor. A US citizen can sponsor his or her spouse, children of any age, parents, brothers and sisters. A permanent resident can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children. Call an experienced US immigration attorney. The attorney can review your case and advise you on your eligibility to sponsor your family member.

The US citizen or permanent resident completes the immigrant visa petition on behalf of the foreign family member and files the petition with the USCIS along with proof of eligibility to sponsor the petition – evidence of US citizenship or permanent status and also proof of the petitioner’s relationship with the beneficiary of the petition – the foreign family member. Proof of relationship will vary. For example if the petitioner and the beneficiary are brothers, then the birth certificates of the petitioner and the beneficiary indicating a common parent will suffice. If the beneficiary is the spouse of the petitioner, then marriage certificate will be considered as proof of the relationship. Once the petition is approved, the foreign family member will receive an immigrant visa. There are different kinds of immigrant visa for family members and family members. Some of them have a waiting period and the family member may have to wait for some time before actually getting a visa.


Not all foreign family members qualify for a family based immigrant visa. Call an experienced US immigration attorney to know your options if your family member does not qualify for a family based immigrant visa.


A Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney can assist you with your bankruptcy filing. However there is more a bankruptcy attorney can do for you. Besides assisting you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy attorney can be an invaluable source of assistance. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you buy a car during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Buying a car during bankruptcy can be complex. When you file a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7, the court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee to liquidate your assets and pay off your creditors. The trustee will take over all your non-exempt assets. Based on the exemption elected by you, your car may be an exempt asset. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you in determining your exemptions. However, if you do not have a car or you want to purchase another car while your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is pending, you should ideally wait until the creditors meeting is over. It may be difficult for you to obtain finance for your car while you are in bankruptcy. Even if lenders are willing to offer you finance, you will be charged a high interest rate. There are lenders who specialize in providing finance to people in bankruptcy. Meet the lender and explain the reasons for your bankruptcy. If the reason for your bankruptcy is something beyond your control like loss of employment or sudden illness, then the lender will adopt a positive approach while dealing with you especially if you have a regular source of income. The lender will want to know how you intend to pay back. You must have a detailed repayment plan to show the lender. Many bankruptcy attorneys have a list of lenders willing to finance the purchase of a car during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can also help you take advantage of the cram down provision of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under the cram down provision, you split the upside down mortgage into two – a secured part and an unsecured part. The secured part is the value of the collateral. The outstanding mortgage over the value of the collateral is the unsecured part. In your Chapter 13 payment plan, you have to provide for the payment of the secured part. As for the unsecured part, you can get way by paying pennies. It will depend on your negotiation skills. Generally the creditor will be willing to accept whatever they can get. You can use the cram down provision for a second mortgage or rental property mortgage. You cannot use it to cram down a mortgage on your principal residence. But if you have been additional collateral besides your home, you can cram down the mortgage on your principal residence. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can assist you deal with an upside down mortgage in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


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Child Injury and its Types

Child injury is named as the leading cause of mortality rate for children who are 15 years old and below. A child injury is often caused unintentionally. Moreover, it would be surprising to know that a child injury occurs most often in the safety of a home. Some types of child injury can be considered minor and may not need constant medical attention while some can be categorized as a major child injury if frequent consultation with the doctor and regular treatment is required. If the child injury Read more [...]

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Medical Malpractice Actions

Medical malpractice actions happen more than two hundred thousand times per year and that number grows by leaps and bounds each New Year that passes by. If a doctor acts in a negligent manner when trying to help a patient it can be medical malpractice if a doctor does not take appropriate medical action then this also can constitute as medical malpractice. Basic medical malpractice such as: If a medical provider fails to provide the correct treatment for a medical condition. Extended delay Read more [...]

An Overview of A Dog Bite Incident

A bite from a dog may seem quite minimal, however can result in serious health complications. For all of the things you've been experiencing after the dog attack incident, a dog bite attorney can help you deal with the discomfort, suffering, as well as emotional trauma you're going through and more significantly, collect money from the pet's owner for your needed medical-related expenses. dog bite lawyer atlanta, GA To keep you and your dog faraway from bite situations, the Centers for disease Read more [...]

At Will Employment

Under the common law in theUnited States, the employer-employee relationship is governed by the doctrine of "employment at will." Employment continues only so long as both parties agree to it; unless there is a contract specifying otherwise, an employer may discharge an employee at any time without notice and without cause. The courts have held that the meaning of "employment at will" is that an employee may be discharged for good reasons, for bad reasons, or for no reasons at all, without giving Read more [...]

Employment Hiring

The employment relationship is like every relationship-it demands a tremendous amount of work and understanding, requires total commitment, and is based upon loyalty and trust. Without these essential components, there can be no connection. The success or failure of the employment relationship is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee. The relationship may fail for various reasons: The employer and employee have different perspectives or understandings of what is expected; they Read more [...]

Calculating CHild Support

  Who will pay child support will depend to a great extent on where the children spend most of their time. If your spouse is the custodial parent, then you will almost always be  required to pay child support. Generally the courts hold that both parents are responsible for supporting the children, and when the children stay with one parent most of the time, chances are that custodial parent will require some assistance paying for the housing, food, clothing, and everything else the children Read more [...]

Leave Litigation to the Experts

Litigation can be complex. It is best left to the experts – litigation attorneys. A litigation attorney specializes in litigating cases. Litigations generally refer to the court battle. Litigation requires specialized skills and expertise which mostly only litigation lawyers such as an Atlanta personal injury lawyer  has. Litigation procedures can vary from state to state and sometimes from county to county. Attempting to litigate your case by yourself can lead to disaster. If you are involved Read more [...]

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International trading

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International Human Rights

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Trust Estates

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Family Law Overview

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Spousal Support

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce knows how hard it can be. They know how draining a divorce can be in every way. There is no reason that one cannot file for spousal support. A good way to start this process is to consult a family law lawyer. This type of lawyer does specialize in family law. It does not seem as if a divorce or gaining spousal support should be tied to family law at first; but when going through the process of a nasty divorce, one realizes quickly how it deals directly to Read more [...]

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Landlord Tennant Lawyers

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Estate Planning Lawyers

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Employment Law

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Child Custody

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Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

You will need the services of a real estate attorney if you are buying a home. A real estate attorney has expert knowledge about the laws governing the process of home buying. A real estate attorney can play an important role in your home purchase transaction. You are not legally required to use the services of a real estate attorney while buying a home. However if you hire a real estate attorney to assist you, the process will be a lot easier. Whenever you buy a home, you will be required to Read more [...]

Coming to the USA is Still a Priority for Many Immigrants

With the United States being the cultural melting pot that it is, immigrants are coming into the country In droves for a piece of the American Pie. Although the United States immigration Policy has changed due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist events, making it more difficult for people to emigrate to the United States, when compared to previous years, immigration is still a top priority for immigrants. The Atlanta immigration lawyer at Zeribe Law Offices has seen a record number of applications Read more [...]

Atlanta Deportation Lawyer – Ned Ogueri, Discusses Removal

Under the U.S.immigration laws, deportation is the harshest punishment. As a non-U.S. citizen living in theUnited States, you can be deported for even a minor infraction. Deportation laws are complex. The Marietta - Atlanta GA Deportation lawyer at Zeribe law Offices, help non-U.S. citizens fight deportation. If you are facing deportation, an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer can represent you before the USCIS or the immigration court and help you fight the deportation. Consult with an Read more [...]

Should you ask a lawyer in person, or view legal videos online?

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, then you probably have a number of questions: am I likely to win my case? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What information do I need to provide? Will I go to court? How exactly will the lawyer I hire help me? Attempting to find answers to these questions online can be maddening, and while you might like to ask an attorney, if you don’t have one as a friend—or even if you do—that can get complicated as well. A relatively new option for finding Read more [...]

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Attorney Video Marketing

The most important factor in marketing a particular product or service is the strategies the person or a group of people use in order to market without which the marketing cannot be done effectively. Similarly, law firms also depend completely on certain strategies, which will help them achieve tremendous success and growth in the marketing process. These days, law firms have also started using modern technology to market their firms and attorney video marketing has become very popular of late. Read more [...]

10 Tips in Creating Effective Lawyer Videos

10 Tips in Creating Effective Lawyer Videos There are many simple steps that you can take in creating an effective lawyer video. Some people don’t even realize how small, thought out steps can really improve an online lawyer video. They just think that stating facts can bring in customers. But the truth is that you have to do a lot more than recite a few lines about yourself and your practice to make a difference. You have to want people to choose you over the other competition. With ten easy Read more [...]

A Discussion of Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

Car Accident Injury: How to Avoid It Encountering a car accident injury is preventable most of the time. Though, there may be instances when the other party may cause the car accident injury, a car accident injury is highly preventable. All you need to equip yourself with is alertness. Below are some steps on how to prevent caused by car accidents.     Always keep in mind that you should drive as safely as you can. Driving as safely as you can does not mean that you drive Read more [...]

Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Every state operates a unemployment benefits program with federal participation in the costs. States have broad discretion in determining individual qualification requirements, disqualification provisions, and benefits. In general, to qualify for unemployment benefits, a person must: • Have sufficient qualifying   wages or employment • Be able and available for work • Not be disqualified from   eligibility To have sufficient qualifying wages or employment, the claimant Read more [...]

Getting Help With Administrative Law Lawyers

Administrative law is different from the regular justice system.  Administrative law governs government agencies. Sample of the type of Administrative law cases: Social security administration Disability claims, supplemental security income(SSI) Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Obtain a construction permit Reinstate a business license Administrative law can apply to both state and federal agencies, no civil cases are tried in these cases. Administrative law is different Read more [...]

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate transactions are rising in America after a period of hibernation. Investing in commercial real estate is not easy at all. Hiring the services of real estate lawyers will prove to be greatly beneficial to those who want to buy commercial land, as such a purchase is more expensive than investing in residential real estate of the same size; moreover, there are more technicalities. The buyer and the seller may not be aware of all the rules of buying land and unless everything is done according Read more [...]

Find a Lawyer the New Way with Modern Technology

Trying to find a lawyer, lawyers or law firm does not have to be a headache. Whether your legal issues  concern: personal injury, immigration, tax, criminal, divorce or family law, if you are facing loss of property or legal issues the first step in safeguarding your interests is your ability to find an attorney that you are comfortable with and confident in, and who will adequately protect your interests since attorneys do more than just merely offer legal information but also offer legal advice Read more [...]

Business Tax and Deductions

If you are a business owner, you should be careful about what you claim as deductions on your business tax returns. Claiming the wrong deductions can cause problems for you. Not all interest is deductible. Personal interest, interest paid on money borrowed to buy personal items such as clothing, gifts, artwork, furniture, and cars not used for business, is not deductible at all. Business interest, interest paid on money borrowed to use in a trade or business, is always deductible in full. For Read more [...]

Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You in Your Custody Battle

When you are going through a divorce and you have children it can be one of the most trying times of your life. No one wants to lose their kids. The very first things you need to do are call child custody lawyers and find one that fits within your perimeters. When you are fighting to win sole custody of your children you need a family lawyer in your corner. A lawyer can help you understand the legal statues and precedents of the family law process. They can help you figure out what your first line Read more [...]